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plain X empowers you to craft subtitles that match your precise requirements. Our unique subtitle templates allow you to specify the exact dimensions, colours and positioning of the subtitles you want to create. Furthermore, you also have the freedom to choose between several subtitling rulesets which define how the subtitles are generated, ultimately reducing your editing workload.


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plain X is the complete solution for content adaptation!

Pick your ruleset
Subtitle rulesets are a set of guidelines and parameters that control how the subtitles are generated. These guidelines adhere to industry standards. Whether you need subtitles for different languages or clients, these rulesets help save you time and effort.
Define your template
Subtitle templates are customisable blueprints for defining how subtitles look and where they are positioned on-screen. They allow you to define the exact font sizing and position as well as the font colour and style ensuring you can maintain a consistent look across all your content.

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