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Automatically convert audio or video files into written text or import your own transcript.


Translate content into over 100 languages in seconds. Choose from multiple engines for specific language pairs.


Create beautiful subtitles in a flash. Customize your subtitles’ appearances and positions to suit your content.

Voice over

Transform text to speech for any language from a variety of speakers and accents. Adjust pitch, pronunciation, and more.

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The power of AI +
Human Input

With plain X, you can take advantage of both human and machine intelligence to achieve the best possible results. AI alone is not enough to produce perfect results which is why we value a “human in the loop” approach to improve the quality of your outputs. In this way, neither speed nor quality is sacrificed.

Easy to use &

plain X is specifically designed, together with feedback from professional video editors, subtitlers and journalists, to drastically reduce turnaround times for media adaptation workflows whilst also being intuitive for any user. Delegate tasks to team members and ensure the quality of your output with our task review process.

Importance of media localisation

Localising your content allows you to tap into new markets and grow your business like never before. Manage the entire localisation process from start to finish using a platform that is specifically designed to be fast and intuitive.

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